Handcrafted Holiday Cards


  • Plain white & 0ff-white cards with envelopes
  • Burlap cards with envelopes
  • Embossed white cardstock (1 pkg.)
  • Coordinating scrapbook papers
  • Variety of ribbons
  • Christmas embellishments
  • Color pens
  • Stamps & stamp pads
  • Embroidery floss
  • Small sewing needle
  • Adhesive (tape runner, scrapbook tape)
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors


Card A:

  1. Using embossed white cardstock, choose 3 different patterns. Cut 1 small square or rectangle from each pattern (differing size slightly for each).
  2. Tie ribbons onto each cut rectangle or square to make them look like presents.
  3. Arrange “presents” slightly overlapping and adhere each onto card with a scrapbook tape or craft glue.
  4. Use a color pen and write “'tis the season” below stack of presents on bottom of card.

Card B:

  1. Using embossed white cardstock, cut a rectangle slightly smaller than card size.
  2. Wrap ribbon around rectangle 2 times and tie a bow in front.
  3. Use a color pen and write “believe” on lower right edge of rectangle.
  4. Embellish with a santa hat sticker above the word.
  5. Adhere embellished rectangle to the front of plain card with scrapbook tape or craft glue.

Card C:

  1. Place dimensional ornament sticker directly onto front of plain card.
  2. Glue a piece of ribbon from the top of card down to the ornament.
  3. Tie a bow with ribbon and glue to top of sticker.
  4. Using a “Merry Christmas” stamp with red stamp pad, stamp in bottom right corner of card. Allow to dry.

Card D:

  1. Cut a long thin rectangle from brown scrapbook paper. Adhere to front of card.
  2. Cut a piece of green ribbon (about 1').
  3. Place a very small dot of glue at top of rectangle and attach tip of ribbon. Hold in place until dry.
  4. Make a tree shape by wrapping the ribbon back and forth in a zig-zag. Attach each “point” with a small dab of glue and hold in place until dry.
  5. Cut a small star out of gold paper or use a star sticker for the top of the tree.
  6. Use a color pen and write “happy holidays” below tree on bottom of card.

Card E:

  1. Using a ribbon with small poms, wrap into a circle to make a wreath.
  2. Position wreath onto front of card with the connecting ends on the bottom.
  3. Glue ribbon in place with a small amount of glue. Allow to dry.
  4. Tie a small bow out of a red ribbon and position on bottom of wreath to hide where the ribbon connects. Glue in place. Allow to dry.
  5. Use a color pen and write “JOY” inside the wreath directly on card.

Card F:

  1. Cut approx. 15 small triangles out of metallic gold scrapbook paper.
  2. Position triangles onto front of card to create a banner look.
  3. When you have desired position, remove one at a time to write your letter onto each triangle and place back with tape or glue.
  4. Repeat until you have completed writing and adhering each triangle.
  5. Use a color pen to write your letters, be careful to use a pen that will not smudge on the metallic paper.

Card G:

  1. Cut a shape of a dear head with antlers out of plaid scrapbook paper.
  2. Using a small needle and embroidery floss, add stitches around the edge of the cut shape. Knot together and snip ends of floss so they won’t be seen.
  3. Adhere your stitched paper deer head to the front of a burlap card with scrapbook tape or craft glue.