Winter Wood Coaster Set


  • Unfinished wood box
  • Wood snowflake ornament 
  • Birch coasters
  • Snow flake stencils
  • Bronze Martha Stewart acrylic paint
  • Dark Turquoise Martha Stewart paint
  • White Acrylic paint
  • 1/2”  washi tape
  • 1/8”  washi tape
  • Round unfinished beads
  • Glue 
  • Brushes
  • Clear Acrylic matte finish spray


1. Paint inside the box and unfinished beads with turquoise paint.

2. Paint the outside of the box and center of coasters with bronze paint.

3. Allow time to dry thoroughly.

4. Add washi tapes around the edges of wood box.

5. Glue wood painted beads to bottom of box.

6. Stencil snowflakes onto coasters. Add dots of turquoise paint to embellish.

7. Lightly spray box and coasters with matte finish spray.

8. Attach snowflake ornament to top of box.